February 2016 – Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms [PDF]

In Hong Kong, companies of all sizes realize the tremendous potential for data, but many struggle with turning that data into something they can take action upon quickly enough for it to make a difference. Legacy approaches and tools for analytics have simply slowed them down even more. Analysts in line-of-business departments such as sales, marketing, and finance are exhausting the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and other point solutions and have grown tired of having to depend on data scientists and IT staff for data blending, analytics, and sharing of insight. 


With Alteryx these problems no longer slow an organization down. Analysts love Alteryx because it uniquely provides them with a single workflow for data blending, analytics, and reporting. This workflow allows the seamless blending of internal, third party and cloud-based data, and simple analysis using 60+ prebuilt tools for spatial and predictive analytics. All of this is achieved in a drag-and-drop environment that requires no coding or specialists. The Alteryx workflow is so intuitive that users are productive in hours.


Alteryx has earned the trust of over 1,000 customers around the world, ranging from many of the world’s largest and best known brands, including Experian, Verizon, Ford, CBRE, BP, BNP Paribas and McDonald’s to growing organizations such as Rosenblatt Securities, Vertix, and Consumer Orbit who all want to use the power of data for a competitive edge.

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Analytic Solutions

  • Connecting business analysts and decision makers to data, regardless of size, format, or physical location.

Big Data Analytics

Put all available data in the hands of line of business analysts who are most familiar with the day-to-day business challenges

Customer Analytics

Unify prospect and customer data from all channels and systems to create stronger, longer lasting relationships.

Customer Churn Analytics

Combine all customer data to predict their service experience and propensity to churn, and take preventative action

Data Blending

Access, cleanse, and blend data from multiple sources using drag-and-drop tools with no coding required.

Data Preparation

Alteryx empowers data analysts with the tools to maintain control, while accelerating the data blending process.

Hadoop Analytics

Query Hadoop data and integrate it with any other data source to build exactly the dataset needed for analysis

In-Database Processing

In-database processing enables blending and analysis of large sets of data without moving the data out of a database.

R for Big Data Analytics

Make predictive analytics accessible to every analyst through an intuitive workflow with no programming required

Salesforce Analytics

Enrich CRM data with demographic, firmographic, segmentation, and geo-spatial data, then anticipate customer behavior

Spatial Analytics

Blend spatial data with traditional datasets to drive greater efficiencies, improve operations, and enhance profitability of service, marketing or asset location strategies.

Visual Analytics

Deliver the best possible dataset to market-leading visualization products such as Tableau, Microsoft, and Qlik at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.



Departmental Solutions

  • Empowering analysts in line of business departments who are the most familiar with the day-to-day business challenges

Financial Analytics

Break free from the limitations of Microsoft Excel and Access to deliver more robust financial analysis

Marketing Analytics

Make multi-channel, multi-campaign marketing analysis a matter of clicks, not multiple long projects

Operational Analytics

Respond to urgent analytic questions fast enough to take advantage of opportunities, or fix a process before it becomes a business problem

Real Estate Analytics

Bring together the right data to drive location decisions based on modeling that can adapt when markets or business strategies change

Sales Analytics

Move beyond backwards facing reports and dashboards to become an analytics-led, revenue generating machine

Industry Solutions

  • Leveraging vast industry knowledge and experience to deliver comprehensive industry solutions

Analytic Consultants

Create a repeatable approach to analytics projects that you can leverage across all your clients

Commercial Real Estate

Deliver site, market, and portfolio management analytics that extend far beyond location


Make strategic decisions about network expansion, customer acquisition and retention, proactive maintenance, and other critical improvements

Consumer Packaged Goods

Achieve targeted, ‘no-risk’ merchandising with deeper insights into consumers and their spending habits

Energy & Utilities

Blend various data sources and use predictive analytics to identify root causes of failure, minimize downtime and improve customer loyalty

Financial Services

Mitigate risk, gain deeper customer insight, and improve operational efficiency for higher margins


Create a unified picture of patient and healthcare operations without waiting on long IT projects

Higher Education

Blend student and alumni data to recruit and enroll the best students, improve student retention, and target the right alumni for fundraising campaigns.


Utilize predictive models to identify the critical trends that impact product demand, yield, and reliability

Marketing Service Providers

Extend your product offerings to deliver multi-channel profiles and services with shorter turnaround times and greater accuracy

Media & Entertainment

Analyze viewer consumption and demographic data to engage audiences with the right content and the right advertising through the right channels

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Improve drug safety, reduce R&D costs and mitigate regulatory risks with more reliable, evidence-based insights to maximize revenue


Drive network expansion and revenue optimization through sophisticated analytics that make the most of your operating capital

Retail Analytics

Stay focused on the customer with multi-channel, hyper-local, and site selection analytics


Extract data from marketing automation and CRM systems; blend and analyze customer feedback to improve product development

Transportation & Logistics

Blend customer, vehicle and location data to optimize transportation and logistics decisions, increasing efficiency for route and fleet management.

Travel & Hospitality

Increase guest loyalty with deeper insights into traveler preferences, demand, and revenue through optimal service levels and staffing decisions.