ABIQOS is a Hong Kong based Distributor for Alteryx software with a focus on data blending, advanced analytics and dashboards for business intelligence. Our core competency is the implementation of Alteryx in conjunction with Business Intelligence and Data Discovery tools with leading providers such as Qlik, Tableau, Microsoft and others.

We have an experienced team with certified Alteryx Designers and our key objectives are to help our clients deploy cost-effective solutions that deliver significant value and insight within a short period of time. The solutions are designed to be rapidly adopted providing valuable insight and granularity to the business that allows informed business decisions to be made now, not in weeks or months.

Our implementation projects in Hong Kong cover finance, insurance, retail, distribution, property and logistics sectors. Customer references are available upon request.

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Alteryx is the leading software tool for advanced data blending and advanced analytics (geospatial and predictive). We are proud to be a preferred and certified partner of Alteryx. Watch the video below and in just 95 seconds you will see a sample of the powerful capabilities it has to offer.

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What can Alteryx do?

  • Dramatically reduce time taken to import, cleanse, merge and enrich data.
  • Remove reliance on IT Dept. Easy learning curve. No programming required.
  • ETL process and Data prep for Tableau, Qlik and other BI/visualisation tools. 
  • 60 data sources available including Excel, SQL, Oracle, data warehouses, cloud data and bigdata.
  • Data Sources can be read easily and quickly. Query only the relevant data via in-database.
  • Enrich your data with predictive analytics with specially designed ready-to-use tools (R models).
  • Enrich your data with spatial analytics. Plot data on Google maps, blend demographics etc.
  • Create Workflows, Apps and macros you can share with other departments in your company.
  • Export the results to almost any format: .tde, .qvx, .csv, .xlsx, .sas, .json, .hdfs, SQL DB etc. 
  • Direct integration with Qlik, Tableau, Microsoft and other BI/Visualisation tools. 



The Leader in Data Blending and Advanced Analytics

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